Attendance to classes 2020 during Covid-19

As you can appreciate, things will be changing in this new era that we find ourselves in.

I have put together 3 Stages of careful steps (excuse the pun!) that are Covid-19 compliant and will help get us dancing again.

Stage 1 of returning to classes:

Done - Thank you to those who were available to attended the Tues/Wed meetings at Sth Elkington.  

Stage 2 of returning to classes:

New up to date information will be released shortly for ALL classes that were attending Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday evening classes.

Stage 3 of returning to dances:

This will happen after stage 2. Hopefully it will include some information on Tea Dances & Social Dances.

1) To be able to attend any event, you must first book on line. There will be STRICTLY NO entrance unless you have booked. 

We have maximum numbers that are allowed in the room at any one time. 

2) When classes return, bookings and payments will need to be made in advance before arriving at class.

3) DO NOT attend if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 

4) For Stage 1 'Catch up' you are welcome to wear a mask. For dancing you will not be able to wear a mask. 

This is by order of the World Health Organisation. 

5) Please be patient, some classes may disappear due to the current situation. 

6) Please don't be frightened, dance teachers have been doing risk assessments for many years, 

we have your back and we will help you will be safe in our hands. 

Class Bookings

Due to Covid -19, you must use the booking tool below before attending class.

Tues 11th Aug


7pm Sequence dancers get together

South Elkington


Per Ticket

Book Now  (email)

Book Now (phone)

Wed 12th Aug


8pm All Ballroom & Latin Dancers get together

South Elkington


Per Ticket

Book Now (email)

Book now (phone)



Thurs Dancers get together 

Date to be announced

Ayscough Hall


Per Ticket

Book Soon (email)

Book soon (phone)