Absolute Beginners Classes

Ballroom & Latin Class

Absolute Beginners New Courses:



Cancelled - New dates will be announced when all COVID 19 restrictions have been lifted. 

Thank you for your patience.

8.30pm -9.30pm

Ayscough Hall, Lee Street, Louth

(Near Wetherspoons)  

10 weeks

In these classes you will learn how to dance the popular dances that you can do on cruises, at dances, weddings and balls.

Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Tango, Quickstep etc (depending on course length)

This class is for ABSOLUTE beginners, you will not find other dancers strutting their stuff on the dance floor, as everyone will be in the same boat. No one is watching anyone else, as they are all to busy watching their own feet!! 

You will need to bring a friend or partner to dance with as this style of dancing requires a partner and unfortunately we don't have spare partners.

(Please see 'Fitsteps' below if you don't have a partner) 

Call Gail 01507 601142 Text 07464 304205

email [email protected]



New Class Starts

Cancelled - New dates will be announced asap

(Except Bank Holiday Monday 25th May)


Conservative Club, Queen Street, Louth 

Our style of Jive is the Rock n Roll style, the easiest there is to learn that comes under the umbrella heading of Jive. Unlike some clubs, you will dance with your own partner and will not swap partners. As above you will need to bring your own partner as we do not have spare partners to dance with.

Call /Text Karen or Mike on 07799 746271